Never Too Old to Dance

photo 1You are not too old to dance (or anything else!) This is my mom. She started dancing ballet when she was 59! Other than a modern class in college, she’d never had any dance training. She took ballet classes twice a week for 13 years until she moved to California to be closer to her grandson at which point she switched to yoga. She did not dance professionally, no. But she liked the music and the people and the exercise was great and helped her balance and posture, and improved her circulation. When she was 65, my father died. I started canoe paddling – she came to pick me up one day and one of the coaches saw my mom and convinced her to join the team! My father had never liked to travel but she loved it. So after he died and during the years when she was dancing, she also took the opportunity to travel. She and a college friend went hiking across New Zealand. She bought a bike, trained, and went biking across France–(and got incredibly tan)! During a white water rafting trip down the Colorado river her boat capsized and she was trapped under the boat. She did exactly as the instructors told her, found the air pocket under the boat and walked out of the water. At that point she was in her 70s!

You also aren’t too fat to dance. Most women seem to have crazy unrealistic ideas about their shape (that it’s bigger than it really is) probably from being inundated with skinny women in ads. I recently learned about The Big Ballet. (Click the link to read more). This is a troupe of Russian ballet dancers who weigh 220lbs and above. (The weight stipulation was lower but there were so many applicants they had to increase the weight requirement)!

You are also not too uncreative or ungifted or ungraceful to dance. If you want to dance, then dance! Can I guarantee you a spot in the Rockettes or So You Think You Can Dance? I cannot. But if you dance because it makes you feel good, because you like the music, and you enjoy it, and you get a good workout in the process, what’s wrong with that? You don’t go to a spin class to be a professional cyclist or a yoga class to be a professional yogi, right? Try not to beat yourself up for not being the best dancer in the world or even in the room. Enjoy being able to move your body in space in a way you can only do in a dance class! What liberation! I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be doing sauté glissade jeté in the bank today, that’s for sure.

I know your head tells you that you are too ___ to dance ballet, or it’s been too long or whatever (my head tells me these things too, believe me!) but take a deep breath, and take a lesson from my Mom – you are never too old to dance.


Join me Saturday 12-1:30 for a very special Ballet Workshop to celebrate Happy Five Year Birthday to Liberated Movement! There will be cake!


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