Taking a Snow Day

Taking a Snow Day

Class is cancelled tonight because of the snow storm. Of course, dancers have a long history of dancing with snow–like the snow dance in Nutcracker. (I rememer standing in the wings, breathing heavily, counting furiously, ready to run back on…) But contending with the MTA and lousy snow boots is not generally part of Nutcracker.  So to tide us over until I see you in ballet class next Tuesday, here is the Adagio combination we learned last week:


Start in fifth position, right foot front croise. Develope your left leg eface front, arms move through first position to third position, right arm high. Head looks front and tilts slightly towards your right shoulder. Close in fifth position left foot front. Develope your right leg ecarte side, arms again come through first position to third position with your right arm high. Head looks into your right elbow. Close in fith position right foot front. Develope your left leg croise to the back. Arms move thorugh first position and extend to second arabesque, your left arm front, palm down, head looks out over the middle finger of your left hand. Plie your standing leg, releve on your right leg, plie, pas de bourre back (three steps) to the other side, end in fifth position left foot front croise.

Stay warm!


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