On The Way to the Barre — Welcome

On The Way to the Barre — Welcome

Recently I was getting very excited teaching a petit allegro combination in class and I was encouraging someone in the room to jump.  He was worried he wasn’t going to do it right and I remember saying “sometimes you have to just jump and not worry about it” – I realized I was also not jumping – not doing something because I was afraid I wasn’t going to do it right. I have been wanting to write a blog for several months because in the one hour that I teach each week, I find I have so much more I want to say.  Sometimes I want to explain a step in more detail and we run out of time, or I want to elaborate on an aspect of technique. Sometimes on the train ride home I think I should have said something different that might have made a difference to someone in the room, but in the time we have, I have to talk less so we can dance more!

I love ballet. I love moving and music and dancing, and I reeeally love teaching. It reminds me of all the amazing wonderful teachers I’ve had, particularly my first ballet teacher, Emily Danford. It’s incredible to share my experience with my students, and watch dancers improve and blossom. When a dancer really gets something, responds to something I say, that’s just absolutely golden. I hope you enjoy my blog, ask questions, and dance.  I’ll see you in class!


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